Sap Hana.


S No Topic
1 ERP &+C3C46 SAP Solutions Overview, SAP GUI, Service Market Place
2 AMS Basis Scope of Change requests
3 SAP R/3 Architecture, 3 System Landscape
4 SAP, Explore SAP GUI, Explore MarketPlace& Websites
5 Various ERPs in the market, SAP share, SAP GUI options, Official SAP Web Sites
6 SAP R/3 Architecture, 3 Contd
7 SAP Application Server Architecture & Work Process Overview
8 System Application Monitoring T-codes
9 PPT on System Monitoring & explore Navigation options
10 Background Job Administration, 3rd party tools – Tidal/ Redwood
11 Troubleshooting and Logs
12 Create Background Jobs and schedule/ Hold/ Reschedule/ Cancel
13 PPT on Batch Job Administration and what are the different tools in the market
14 Data Management – Transport Management
15 Client Administration
16 Client Settings & Client Copy
17 PPT on various Client Copies and scenarios
18 Spool Administration & Troubleshooting
19 Gateway and Message Server Overview
20 Check all the relevant T-Codes for monitoring
21 DVEBMGS flow and sequence of events PPT
22 Update, Enqueue and RFC Overview and Monitoring
23 Check all the relevant T-Codes for monitoring, create a normal & trusted RFC
24 PPT on Update, Enqueue and RFC administration and Monitoring
25 Basis Maintenance Activities
26 SAP Profile Management
27 Start/ Stop & Troubleshoot SAP startup
28 Log paths and file names. File System overview
29 Java Stack Architecture and Administration
30 Check different tools and administration activities
31 PPT on different tools
32 Java Stack Architecture and Administration
33 Check different tools and administration activities
34 PPT on different tools
35 Kernel and Support Pack update overview
36 Go through the different for Support pack and Add-on updates and go through the process of Kernel upgrade
37 PPT on Kernel, Support pack upgrade and Add-on installations
38 SAP Security Administration
39 Access keys, SAP notes, OSS connection opening
40 User types, Locking/Unlocking users, SU53
41 User/ Role & Profile Administration PPT
42 OS & DB Monitoring
43 SAP Application Monitoring
44 Monitoring and exploring all Monitoring T-codes
45 System Monitoring PPT
46 DB Concepts & Administration in SAP
47 Check all the relevant T-Codes for monitoring
48 DB Refresh PPT
49 DB Refresh/ System Refresh – step by step procedure
50 Backup/ Restore or System Copy
51 DB Refresh PPT
52 SAP HANA & Cloud overview/ SAP Installation
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